We have a wide range of machinery at our disposal. This machinery has been specifically picked to meet the needs and requirements of the work we are involved in. Take the cranes, for instance, for working on pipelines, all of which are under 40 tonnes so that these can be easily transported and not easily sink into the soft substrata in many of the locations. Our vibrators are high-frequency with variable moment to minimise damage to the surroundings.
In the event that more heavy-duty machinery has to be deployed we can fall back on plant of up to 90 tonnes in capacity supplied by our sister company, Sterk. For vibration-free solutions, we have extensive experience using Silentpilers and Quatro pilers.



With such a large selection of machines at our disposal, maintenance is of the utmost importance, so for that reason HAB Heiwerken pays a great deal of attention to this aspect of work. Our machinery is examined annually by experienced engineers.
HAB ensures its operators are closely involved in these maintenance cycles since they know their machines inside out. We also apply the rule that every crane is assigned to a designated operator.

Furthermore, all machines and associated equipment are inspected every six or 12 months and approved by an external agency.