Foundation technology

HAB Heiwerken specialises in the installation of steel sheetpiling, for example, for waterside protection and in construction pits. We install complete construction pits, including anchoring or shoring and any sheetpiling required. We have worked in inner city areas, out-of-town districts and in confined spaces, at home and abroad. This expertise makes us a true all-rounder.

Installing sheetpiling using low-fibration methods
In order to install sheetpiling using low-vibration methods we use a technique known as fluid injection. This means less inconvenience is caused to neighbouring areas by vibration. Read more in the fluid injection section.

Vibration-free sheetpiling
We can install sheetpiling using vibration-free methods. To do this, HAB uses a leader rig to enable sheet piles to be pressed in up to 20 m. We also have a specially constructed sheet pile extractor for removing double pile planks. This means we are able to extract planks in highly constricted areas (on completion of buildings). We also have a wide experience in the use of Silent Pilers.

Tubular piles
We have a wide selection of vibrating and pile-driving equipment with which we are able to install tubular piles of various diameters and lengths. We have ample experience in the installation of fender piles from the water, an example of which is the Spaarndam lock.

Combination walls
Tubular and sheet piles can be combined to form a so-called combination wall. These walls often serve as quay walls in a harbour. These combination walls are installed on a sub-contacting, but increasingly a main contracting basis.

Auxiliary work
This includes auxiliary and temporary bridges.

HAB can install complete construction pits, complete with anchoring. In a number of projects we have also driven in steel anchor piles up to lengths of 65 metres. An example of this is the Kaiser lock in Bremerhaven.

Speciale projects
On requests we can also develop machines for special projects. We have a considerable experience in this area, including the sheet pile extractor used specially for Shell Amsterdam.

Fluid injection
For installing sheetpiling in heavier substrata or when less inconvenience from vibration is required, we use the fluid injection technique. Fluid injection is a process which requires complete accuracy, with sheetpiling being installed while water is added to the tip of the sheetpile. This water is injected in small amounts (determined in time units) at high pressure under the tip of the plank. This creates a temporary water span as a result of which the sheetpiles can be installed relatively easily. Because of the low flow rate, the substrata can recover, so helping to retain the soil characteristics.

Pile extraction
We specialise in the removal of old foundations, for example, the extraction of wooden or concrete piles and waterside shorings. The removal of old piles is a particular speciality of Sterk. We have a wide range of pile extractors at our disposal which means we can remove piles of any diameter. And if we don't have the right size, then we'll construct one for you! An example of this was on the Kaiser lock in de Bremerhaven, where we extracted over 6,000 piles.