At our storage sites in Eembrugge and Drachten we keep extensive stocks of sheetpiling, tubing and HE beams. We use these for our own projects, but you can also hire or buy these separately. We can also arrange transport and delivery and collection to the site of your choice.

We have a wide range of sheetpiling available: length categories from 5 to 30 metres with sectional moduli varying between 700 and 4800 cm3/m.

Our supplies of beams consist mainly of HEB beams, ranging from HEB 300 to HEB 1000 and in lengths of up to 20 metres.

Our stocks of tubes vary in diameter from 406 to 1670 mm, with various wall thicknesses and lengths up to 35 metres.

Dragline mats
We rent various sizes of azobé dragline mats. Lengths vary from 5 to 8 metres and thicknesses from 5 to 25 cm.